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Amidst the vast array of continents to explore, the notion of Afghanistan didn’t prominently surface. However, a remarkable development is unfolding—a Pond is being established in Kabul, Afghanistan, by the venerable Ancient and Honorable Order of Turtles!

From the heart of Kabul, Samsoor Nasery reached out to the esteemed Turtle Club Us Pond, seeking assistance in establishing a Pond within his hometown. With a staggering 97% unemployment rate, the young adults residing there are in dire need of mirth, community, and collaboration. Samsoor firmly believes that he can expand the ranks of his Pond and bring about a significant impact.

Remarkably fortuitous timing!

To facilitate the formal establishment of Ponds and extend support, I arranged an online meeting between High Chancellor Keith and Samsoor. The Council of Imperial Turtles has a vital objective of charting a clear course for Ponds while providing unwavering support. Our conversation was immensely gratifying, as Samsoor’s sincerity and genuine concern for his country shone through.

We have a few Ponds lined up in the queue, awaiting assistance for their official establishment. The necessary protocols and procedures are being rapidly devised. In this tumultuous era, witnessing positive progress in such a challenging region is truly heartening.

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