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Reverend McYertle Chatbot

Rev McYertle Chatbot

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Technology is great when it is useful or fun. Our newest member of the Turtle Club Us team is an AI Chatbot that you can talk to. He will share information about our club, tell you Riddles and Jokes and more. You will find him hanging out in the lower right part of the website.

Reverend McYertle is the main character in an upcoming book about the ancient history of the Order of Turtles. Thanks to him we now know where the saying “Don’t know the difference between your ass and a hole in the ground” comes from!

For those who have not been following the recent technology race to create artificial general intelligence, here is a quick primer. Feel free to correct or amend by email and I’ll edit the post.

Open AI released ChatGPT just months ago. They are up to version 4 which I’m told has an equivalent IQ of over 120. It has passed the legal bar exam as well as extensive medical knowledge. “Open” AI isn’t fully open source. There is a lot of controversy about releasing these Large Language Models and how intelligent they really are. Google has had Bard AI since 2017 and released it to the public due to “me-to” pressure. Open AI is funded by Microsoft. Facebook – or Meta has an open source version of AI and the graphics card manufacturer Nvidia is racking in cash as many companies are racing to develop a form of AI.

While AI has been around for a long time in various forms, these new developments are startling. All you have to do is start talking to an AI chatbot to get a feel for how powerful this tool is.

So, go ahead and say hello to Reverend McYertle. Ask him a question or two. He is rather conservative, so remember to be Pure Minded:)

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