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Am I Turtley Enough for the Turtle Club?

Dana Carvey asking Am i Turtley enough for turtle Club?

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Dive Into the Shell of Laughter and Camaraderie

In the quirky corners of cinema, there lies a gem that beckons with the allure of disguise, laughter, and, most importantly, turtles. Yes, we’re talking about the 2002 comedy, “The Master of Disguise,” where Dana Carvey, as Pistachio Disguisey, delivered the unforgettable line, “Am I turtley enough for the turtle club?” This hilarious moment not only etched itself into the hearts of comedy lovers but also posed a question that transcends the silver screen. Are you, indeed, “turtley” enough for the Turtle Club?


 The Shell of Laughter

Imagine Pistachio Disguisey, with his shell-backed suit and an unwavering commitment to the turtle persona, attempting to infiltrate a club of the highest esteem. This scene is a masterclass in comedy that showcases Carvey’s impeccable timing and dedication to the craft of disguise. But beyond the laughs, it brings to light an eternal truth – we all yearn to find a place where we belong, a club where being “turtley” is not just accepted but celebrated.

 The Real Turtle Club – A Legacy of Fun and Fellowship

While Pistachio’s adventures are fictional, the spirit of camaraderie and fun he seeks is very much real in the Ancient and Honorable Order of Turtles, or Turtle Club for short. This delightful association, steeped in history and humor, welcomes individuals of high morals and good character, who, above all, enjoy a good laugh without the expense of vulgarity.

The Turtle Club, unlike any ordinary club, is a sanctuary for those who cherish wit, enjoy life’s absurdities, and appreciate the art of clean humor. Here, the infamous riddle test awaits, challenging prospective members to prove their “turtleyness” through pure-minded answers. And remember, the secret password is your ticket in – because every turtle must own their jackass, metaphorically speaking, of course.


 Join the Fraternity of Laughter

Now, if you’re sitting there, chuckling at the memory of Dana Carvey’s turtle impression and wondering if you’ve got what it takes, wonder no more. The Turtle Club is calling. It’s a place where laughter flows as freely as the drinks, where fellowship is the order of the day, and where being “turtley enough” is a badge of honor.

Membership to this esteemed order promises not just a community of like-minded jesters but an opportunity to keep the legacy of clean fun alive. From the illustrious ranks of the Turtle Club, including individuals from all walks of life, you’ll find that laughter is indeed the universal language.


 The Invitation – Are You Ready to Stick Your Neck Out?

So, to those who find joy in the simple pleasures, who can answer “You bet your sweet ass I am” with the confidence of a true Turtle, and who seek a haven where the motto is fun, the invitation stands. Join us, share in the laughs, don the mantle of a Turtle, and carry forth the torch of jovial camaraderie.


Am I turtley enough for the Turtle Club? If your heart says yes, then welcome, fellow Turtle. Your shell awaits, and so does a fraternity of fun, laughter, and good-natured spirits. Visit to learn more and take the plunge into the pond of perpetual pleasure.

Remember, in the words of our favorite Master of Disguise, it’s not just about being “turtley” – it’s about embracing the shell of life with a smile. And perhaps, just maybe, you’ll find that you’re more “turtley” than you ever imagined.

Let this invitation to the Turtle Club not just be a call to action but a summon to embrace the lighter side of life, much like our beloved Pistachio Disguisey. Are you ready to answer the call?

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