Learn the secret password, grip, and backstory about the password once you join.

Ancient and Honorable Order of Turtles

To prove that you are of the highest morals and good character, and never vulgar, you must answer these four riddles with clean answers.

New members are initiated as a Turtle Club US member, provided the secret password, grip and the true story of how the password originated. (a belly laugh)

Once you complete the riddles below, fill out your email address and name to join our ranks!

Simple as that!


Turtle Club US Member Benefits


Be a part of a growing community of Turtles in the Turtle Club US pond. We share ideas, stories and just plain fun as we follow the path of a Turtle. You are be invited to join us on Facebook.

Help A Local Charity

New members are assigned a unique Member number that credits them for purchases they influence. We make it easy with links, images and text to help spread the word. Have some fun and procure more Turtles!
It has two benefits! You procure more Turtles this way, plus the proceeds of purchases benefit your local charity.

Your Member Account

Keep track of your purchases, address and password on the My Account page.

To help you get started on your path to procuring new members, grab some cards or a New Member Bundle to get started!

A membership card for the Ancient and Honorable Order of Turtles. Two styles are in stock and custom cards are available.

A new member bundle includes a stack of cards, lapel pin, post cards and more!

Honorable Membership is a way to support the efforts of Turtle Pond Us and recieve discounts and special benefits.

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