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Procure New Members!

Carry a few cards around with you so that when the opportunity strikes you can procure a new Turtle! Every Turtle you initiate into the Ancient and Honorable Order of Turtles is a potential source of free beverages! Besides, it is fun to ask the riddles and the initiation is nicely laid out on the cards.

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Record your sponsor information, along with your unique Affiliate code for tracking and the new member name.

Your Script

The inside will walk you through installing a new member, simply follow the script.


Here is where the fun really gets going, the riddles!

Why Procure Turtles?

Continue the search for pure minded people. They are out there, but your quest is going to take you through a journey like none other. Don't worry, your fellow Turtles will support and encourage you.

New Friends

A bond is created when you share a laugh.


Turtles don't back down from a challenge.

Free Beverages

Each new Turtle is a potential source of free pints!


Satisfaction in continuing a long standing tradition.

A Stack of Cards

You will be mailed a stack of 20 cards to get you started. Also included is an official Turtle Club US introduction letter with your affiliate code number and explanation of how it works and a coupon good towards one of our Members Only t-shirts that we print locally here in Flint, MI.


We receive great emails and letters from Turtles all over the world. Their initiation stories are great! This is a long held tradition that we are proud to have a small part in continuing.

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Think of all the fun you will have procuring new members!


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