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Celebrate National Coconut Week with Our Esteemed Turtle Bartender, Timmy! 🥥🐢


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Greetings to all members of the Ancient and Honorable Order of Turtles, and to everyone enchanted by the allure of National Coconut Week!


From August 23rd to 30th, we bask in the tropical vibes of the coconut, especially reflecting on its deep roots in the Philippines. Yet, before diving into those sun-soaked shores, let’s raise our glasses to a turtle who knows a thing or two about coconut concoctions.


Introducing… Timmy, the Coconut Maestro! 🍹

Every celebration needs a star, and ours is Timmy the Turtle Bartender. With a coconut in hand and a bar filled with ingredients, Timmy crafts coconut beverages that are nothing short of liquid sunshine. But this year, he’s looking for a bit of inspiration from you.



Do you have a unique coconut drink recipe that could give Timmy a run for his money? Share it with us! Whether it’s a refreshing coconut mocktail, a zesty cocktail, or a traditional Filipino concoction, we want to hear from you. The best recipes will be featured on our platform, and who knows, Timmy might just add it to his signature collection!


Delving into National Coconut Week 🌴

Transport yourself to the pristine beaches of the Philippines, the birthplace of this delightful holiday. As the world’s second-largest coconut producer, the Philippines stands tall, celebrating this fruit’s significance. The Philippine Coconut Authority (P.C.A.) not only governs the production and distribution but also introduced us to this festive week, honoring the coconut’s invaluable contribution to their culture and economy.


Coconuts & The Ancient and Honorable Order🌴

Embodying the strength of a coconut’s shell and the richness within, the Order thrives on tradition and camaraderie. This National Coconut Week, let’s merge our jest with the joyous vibes of this tropical fruit.


Join the Festivities! 🎉

Amidst the laughter, drinks, and tropical vibes, let’s make this National Coconut Week memorable:


Share and Inspire: Post your coconut drink recipes and share Timmy’s tropical tales.

Celebrate Together: Invite friends to join the Order, echoing our fun-filled spirit.

Grow the Tradition: Procure new members, ensuring our traditions stay vibrant and fresh.

As we bask in the tropical aura, here’s to the sandy beaches of the Philippines, the magic of coconuts, and the unwavering spirit of the Ancient and Honorable Order of Turtles. Cheers to a fantastic National Coconut Week!


Remember: Celebrate with zest but always drink responsibly.


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