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Hoyle’s Unexpected Helper: Terry the Turtle

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Once upon a time in 18th century England, the talk of the town was card games. Gambling houses, private clubs, and even street corners were filled with enthusiasts shuffling decks, laying bets, and arguing about rules.

One man, Edmond Hoyle, sought to standardize these rules. His efforts, however, were often met with resistance. Every time he thought he’d settled on a definitive rule for a game, another variant would pop up. He felt he was in over his head.

One day, in a tucked-away corner of a posh London club, Hoyle came across an unusual sight: a human-sized turtle, impeccably dressed in a waistcoat, dealing cards at lightning speed and mesmerizing the players with his intricate shuffles.

Curious, Hoyle approached the table. “Sir,” he began, “I couldn’t help but notice your… unique nature and your unparalleled skill at cards.”

The turtle looked up, adjusting his monocle. “Ah, Mr. Hoyle! Heard much about you. I’m Terry. Some call me the ‘Turtle Dealer Extraordinaire’. Been playing cards before they even made it to this island!”

Hoyle, fascinated, decided to sit down for a game. As they played, Terry shared stories of ancient card games from distant shores, detailing rules that Hoyle had never encountered. The more they played, the clearer it became: Terry’s expertise was unmatched.

Seeing an opportunity, Hoyle proposed a partnership. “Terry,” he began, “Your depth of knowledge is astounding. With your expertise and my penchant for documentation, we could create the ultimate rulebook.”

Terry tapped his chin, pondering. “Under one condition: it must be a tome of fun, embracing the whimsy of card games.”

And so, their collaboration began. They spent nights playing, discussing, arguing, and laughing. Hoyle took care of the writing, ensuring every rule was detailed accurately, while Terry added anecdotes, jokes, and even some “turtle twists” to classic games.

When the rulebook, “According to Hoyle (and a bit by Terry)”, was published, it was an instant sensation. Players loved the combination of precise rules and humorous additions. The two friends embarked on a promotional tour, with Terry performing unbelievable card tricks and Hoyle explaining the nuances of each game.

Though their collaboration was a one-time affair, their friendship endured. And to this day, seasoned card players occasionally come across a mysterious rule or quirky game twist and chuckle, saying, “That’s got Terry written all over it!”

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