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Winter is a time for great Porters and Stouts as we celebrate the changing of the seasons. Understandably, many “snowbirds” flee to warmer climates to escape the cold. For heartier souls this is an opportunity for winter sports and activities.

Here in Michigan we enjoy hunting, ice fishing, snowmobiling, skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, hiking and ice hockey. These are all activities that create a thirst for a heavy pint.

In recent years the winters have been warm which limits the opportunity to play pond hockey. A group of us erect a rink in Turtle Jim’s backyard. You can check out pics from our shenanigan’s here. Playing ice hockey on a crisp cold night under the stars with the moon shining down is amazing. Of course we have LED lights, a heated barn and plenty of cold beverages. We even have a popcorn machine and big screen tv in the barn:)

I hope you enjoy the changing of the season and get out and move a bit. We have to stay active to stay healthy. Best wishes to all! I’m off for a pint, sound good!

Turtle Club US Pond Update

Bloop! Bloop! We have new members in far away continents!

Welcome to Lamar Pinder! Let’s go visit his Pond, the Loggerhead Lodge Pond located in Nassau, Bahamas.

Turtle Rogério Bittencourt de Miranda joined our Pond from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Oscar Ceballos joined from San Salvador El Salvador.

We have many more who have joined from continents around the world. Visit the directories to see your brethren around the globe! Together with optimism and humor we can influence the world!

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