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Bloop! Bloop!

We enjoyed a small by mighty gathering on St Patrick’s Day for about an hour in the evening. With it being such a widely celebrated holiday I didn’t expect a huge turnout. I’m so glad we did gather to reconnect with longtime members as well as meet a new member!

Robert joined us from OH. He has joined in on just about every gathering I’ve put out. Thanks for being there Robert!

Brian is our Canadian leader and he shared some updates from his growing club as well as some product ideas. Much appreciated Brian.

Wayne almost joined us from his phone. He was out on the street somewhere and never fully connected, but tried to give us a shout:)

A voracious Turtle joined the fun and shared a colorful background of his life. Jason has that Santa look, and yes he works as a professional Santa. He is an accomplished author, Chaplin from missionary work and …wait for it… professional wrestler – Wolfman!

Check out this article I found on Jason (Wolfman) Sanderson.

You can find his science fiction books by searching J. H. Sanderson on Amazon. Here is a link.

He has a non-fiction history book, linked here.

Big thanks to Jason for joining our humble Pond. He has big plans to procure members and share the fun.

Brian, Jason, and I hung out for a bit and I shared with them a voicemail that had come in earlier in the day from the Turtle Club line. We came up with a great plan as a result.

Here goes the story of the voicemail.

Joe was calling. His wife’s client found an International Association of Turtle membership card for her recently passed husband and she asked Joe to contact the association in the hopes of some honorarium such as performed by the VFW.

This isn’t the first time I’ve received calls from family, friends, and lawyers to notify me of a Turtle passing who joined decades before this pond was formed. Who else is there to tell?

Since Jason is a Chaplin and our current Chaplin has been mia, I appointed Jason to serve as our Chaplin. So, what to do for fallen Turtles and when?

The idea developed to pick a date for an annual memorial service for fallen Turtles. We needed a date special to Turtles. Jason is going to track down the death date of our illustrious founder, Captain Hugh P. McGowan and that will be the date. 


So, I’ll set up a form to collect the dates of fallen Turtles and we will host a ceremony on that date.

See, even small gatherings can have mighty outcomes!

Now stick your neck out and procure more Turtles:)





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