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Happy Halloween From Turtle Club!

Turtle Bartender on Halloween

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Happy Halloween from Turtle Club Us!

I see the little kids running up to the door to shout Trick or Treat as Turtles in training! They have to show a bit of courage to go up to the door and make the big ask.

We Turtles pick our moments to bring friends into the Order.

Are you a Turtle?

Share a caption for this image showing an old Turtle tending bar for patrons.

Here is a Halloween story as a treat to get you in the mood!


The Whispers of the Turtle’s Shell

In a small town, nestled by the coast, the Ancient and Honorable Order of Turtles drinking fraternity gathered every year on Halloween night for their annual celebration. Their meeting place was an old, weathered tavern known as the “Turtle’s Shell”. The tavern was rumored to have been built upon the burial ground of ancient maritime priests, but none took the legends seriously. It was said that the priests had once protected a mystical chalice that granted eternal life, but at a great cost.

On one such Halloween night, as the moon was veiled by dark clouds and the wind sang mournful tunes, a stranger walked into the Turtle’s Shell. He was an elderly man, dressed in tattered robes, with a turtle pendant hanging from his neck. Without uttering a word, he placed an old, rusty chalice on the bar counter.

The members of the fraternity, after having had their fair share of drinks, laughed and mocked the old man, thinking he was playing a Halloween prank. But the stranger simply said, “Whosoever drinks from this chalice tonight will be granted a wish, but be warned, every gift has its price.”

Intrigued and slightly inebriated, one of the younger members, named Ethan, stepped forward and took a sip from the chalice. He wished for wealth, and instantly, gold coins spilled out from his pockets. The fraternity erupted in cheers, and one by one, they drank from the chalice, making wishes of their own.

However, as the night wore on, strange things began to happen. Ethan, who had wished for wealth, found that every time he touched something, it turned to gold, including his beloved dog and even his own daughter. Another member, who had wished for eternal youth, began to regress in age, becoming a child, then a baby, and finally vanishing altogether.

Panicking, the members turned to the old man for help, but he was nowhere to be found. All that remained was the chalice and a note that read, “The spirits of the maritime priests demand a balance. For every gift, a sacrifice must be made.”

The members of the fraternity, realizing the gravity of their actions, decided to bury the chalice deep within the earth, hoping to never unearth its cursed powers again. But every Halloween, whispers echo through the Turtle’s Shell tavern, reminding everyone of the night when wishes turned into nightmares.

And so, members of the Ancient and Honorable Order of Turtles, remember: not all that glitters is gold, and some gifts come at a price far too steep to pay.


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