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Directory Instructions

directory instructions

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An International Association of Turtles of the Ancient and Honorable Order of Turtles.

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One of the common questions I get involves a directory of members. Can I look up a member or am I listed? Well, we have a great and growing directory now!

Updated Turtle Directory instructions and how to add your listing to the directory.

Visit the Directory Instructions page by clicking Directory in the main menu. 

Current members can cut to the registration page to create their Turtle account and log in. The Turtle Directory form then appears to add your listing.

Optionally, members can upgrade their membership to Honorable for $15 per year and receive special benefits. The Honorable Directory form is on the shop item for Honorable Membership and completed during checkout.

If you watch the video walk through of the directory it should get you going. Need help? Don’t hesitate to call or email for help.

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