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Sam joined our Pond a couple of years ago and recently received a Charter for a Pond in Kabul, Afghanistan, the Kabul-Ancient Koa Ark Organization. Sam has been very sincere and open about the unique situation in Kabul. Unemployment is over 90% and his goal is to form a safe location for like minded people to gather and collaborate to find meaning, purpose as well as jobs. I asked Sam about craft items that are made there and he promised to complete some research and talk with local merchants in the bazaar near his office. Below is the information Sam provided for consideration. 

I’ve purchased products in the past to support unique causes. In areas of the world where there are limited tools and resources there are still arts and crafts being developed. Afghanistan is a unique relationship and I need to learn a lot more before I’d take action. Do any Turtles have insight into importing from non-traditional locations? Samsoor is confident that there are not restrictions for shipping out of the country. My concern would be the state side customs.

Contact Dave if you have advice or ideas.


Afghanistan, a country rich in natural resources and cultural heritage, possesses an abundance of minerals and gemstones with relatively low rates native to its land. Among these precious resources are Emerald, lapis lazuli, tourmaline, serpentine, ruby, and many others, adding to the nation’s geological wealth. In addition to its mineral treasures, Afghanistan is renowned for its exquisite handcrafted creations, ranging from intricate embroidery to carpet weaving, wooden object production, and stone shaping. These traditional craftsmanship skills have garnered admiration and appreciation worldwide, showcasing Afghanistan’s diverse artistic traditions and expertise.

  1. Stones

Afghanistan, a land of great geological diversity, is home to an array of precious and semi-precious stones that have garnered international acclaim in the gemstone market. Among the notable gemstones found in Afghanistan are emerald, lapis lazuli, tourmaline, serpentine, ruby, garnet, turquoise & Etc. These gemstones possess distinctive qualities and characteristics that make them highly sought after by collectors, jewelry designers, and gemstone enthusiasts worldwide.

Afghanistan Stones Available in the Local Market.

1- Emeralds: Known for their captivating green hues, Afghan emeralds are highly sought after in the international market. Prices can range from $500 to $5,000 per carat, depending on the color, clarity, and size.

2- Lapis Lazuli: Recognized for its deep blue color with golden flecks, Afghan lapis lazuli has been prized for centuries. Prices for this gemstone can vary from $20 to $100 per carat, contingent upon the quality and size.

3- Red Garnet: Afghanistan produces vibrant red garnets, which possess excellent clarity and brilliance. Prices fluctuate between $20 and $200 per carat, based on the gem’s size, color intensity, and transparency.

4- Ruby: Afghan rubies showcase intense red tones that command attention. Prices of these precious gemstones can range from $1,000 to $15,000 per carat, depending on factors such as color, clarity, and origin.

5- Aquamarine: Afghanistan is known for its vivid aquamarines, displaying a serene blue shade reminiscent of the ocean. Prices typically fall between $50 and $500 per carat, depending on the stone’s color, clarity, and size.

6- Fluorite: Afghan fluorite offers a stunning array of colors, ranging from vibrant purples to calming greens. Prices can range from $10 to $100 per carat, depending on the gem’s color, transparency, and size.

7- Kunzite: Known for its delicate pink hue, Afghan kunzite is a popular choice in the gemstone market. Prices can range from $100 to $500 per carat, depending on the stone’s color, size, and quality.

8- Sapphire: Afghanistan produces exquisite sapphires in various colors, including blue, yellow, and pink. Prices can vary widely, ranging from $500 to $10,000 per carat, depending on factors such as color, clarity, and size.

9- Topaz: Afghan topaz is characterized by its rich golden yellow color and exceptional clarity. Prices can range from $50 to $500 per carat, depending on the stone’s color, size, and quality.

10- Tourmaline: Afghanistan boasts a diverse range of colorful tourmaline gemstones. Prices typically fall within the range of $50 to $500 per carat, depending on factors such as color, clarity, and size.

11- Quartz: Afghan quartz comes in various forms and colors, making it a versatile gemstone. Prices can range from $5 to $50 per carat, depending on the stone’s type, clarity, and size.

Please note that these prices are rough estimates in international market but can be vary depending on haggle and negotiation with the sellers in Afghanistan as there is not specific standard rates within Afghanistan market.


  • Handicrafts.

Afghanistan, known for its rich cultural heritage and craftsmanship, boasts a diverse array of traditional handcrafts that have been passed down through generations. These artistic creations not only reflect the beauty of Afghan culture but also contribute significantly to the livelihoods of many artisans and their communities. In this statement, we aim to highlight some of the prominent handcrafts that are proudly made in Afghanistan.

1. Woodwork: Afghan artisans are skilled in crafting intricately designed wooden items, such as chairs, tables, cabinets, and decorative pieces. Using locally sourced wood, they employ traditional techniques to carve, shape, and polish these creations, imbuing them with a unique Afghan aesthetic.

2. Stonework: Afghanistan is renowned for its stone craftsmanship, particularly in the regions of Balkh and Herat. Skilled artisans transform stones into stunning pieces of art, including intricately carved vases, glasses, bowls, and delicate jam jars. These objects not only serve as functional items but also symbolize the rich history and craftsmanship of the region.

3. Carpets: Afghan carpets are globally celebrated for their exceptional quality, intricate patterns, and vibrant colors. Afghan weavers employ traditional techniques, often handed down through generations, to create these stunning works of art. Every carpet is a labor of love, showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship and cultural heritage of the Afghan people.

4. Embroidery and Needlework: Women in Afghanistan are renowned for their intricate needlework skills. Through embroidery, Afghan artisans adorn fabrics with beautiful patterns and motifs, reflecting the rich tapestry of Afghan culture. These intricate designs can be found on garments, household items, and accessories, embodying the creativity and skill of Afghan artisans.

5. Jewelry: Afghan jewelry holds great significance and is an integral part of Afghan culture. Expert craftsmen meticulously create stunning pieces, incorporating semi-precious stones, filigree work, and unique designs that reflect the traditions of the region. Afghan jewelry showcases the artistry and skill of its makers, revealing the beauty and heritage of the country.

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