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The Kingsmen Pond

Master Turtle (MT)

Kevin Jackson

Optional Officer Roles

As you fill out your Officer roles in your Pond you can update and edit your listing.

We meet at our Headquarters Savile Row quarterly to discuss business & future endeavors for the organization

5350 Arlington Expressway
Jacksonville, Fl 32211
United States
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Senior Snapper (SS)

Isis Harris

Junior Turtle

Kahlal Donet

Senior Conductor Turtle (SCT)

Isis Harris

Junior Conductor Turtle (JCT)

Kahlal Donet

Turtle Secretary (TSecy)

Riquessa Exum

Turtle Treasurer (TTr)

Isis Harris

Turtle Marshal (TMar)

Jose Vasquez

Turtle Warden (TW)

Kahlal Donet

Turtle Chaplain (TC)

Kevin Jackson

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