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Lagerhead Turtle Pond

Master Turtle (MT)

Brian Bolt

Optional Officer Roles

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Bloop Bloop!

In December, 2023, we are on the move! We now meet at Coop's Holland Landing on the third Sunday monthly. We began this journey in April, 2021, and our membership is made up of 24 Turtles. We are progressive, while growing at a slow & steady pace!

19415 Yonge Street
Holland Landing, Ontario L9N 1L8
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Senior Snapper (SS)

Mike Wood

Junior Turtle

Nancy Wood

Senior Conductor Turtle (SCT)

Brad Grant

Junior Conductor Turtle (JCT)

Al Minnick

Turtle Secretary (TSecy)

Meredith Harper

Turtle Treasurer (TTr)

Sean Clark

Turtle Marshal (TMar)

Trevor Gebauer

Turtle Warden (TW)

Chris Gray

Turtle Chaplain (TC)

Kevin Morrison

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