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An International Association of Turtles of the Ancient and Honorable Order of Turtles.

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Ancient and Honorable Order of Turtles, only where is the order?

I’m constantly amazed and humbled by Turtles. I’ve met many virtually from around the globe and consider them kindred spirits, and friends.

As Turtles ask for things that don’t exist yet, I’ve worked to bring to life. You have noticed if you have been following the journey of the Turtle Club Us Pond.

Thanks to some new Turtle friends we are getting Order at a whole new level!

The Council of Imperial Turtles has begun a journey of providing a level of order and structure that has never existed at such a high level.

The details are being ironed out thanks to the diligent work of Keith Becker and Josh Benton.

Here is an overview of what has been organized so far and we have an ask to get to the next step.

We have a great draft of a constitution, an organization structure, committees, ceremonies, and officer positions.

The organization structure is viewable as a larger image if you click on it.

CIT internal structure

We have a nucleous of Turtles who have expressed an interest in joining in the fun. We are working to herd the Turtles into order while we work out the details.

Let us know if you have an interest in a position that suits your skills. I know we have many very skilled Turtles out there and together we can make a unique impact on the world in a very positive way. Contact Dave at with details of your interest and talent to contribute. Below are the elected positions that will be posted in the coming weeks.


The Positions to be filled:

High Chancellor

The High Chancellor is the highest-ranking officer within the Council of Imperial Turtles (CIT). As
the chief executive officer, the High Chancellor provides strategic leadership, ensures effective
governance, and oversees the overall functioning of the organization. The High Chancellor
plays a pivotal role in shaping CIT’s vision, driving its mission, and upholding its values.


The Pro-Chancellor serves as a vital member of the Council of Imperial Turtles (CIT) leadership
team, supporting the High Chancellor in their duties and acting as their substitute in their
absence or disability. The Pro-Chancellor plays a key role in assisting with the overall
governance and management of CIT, ensuring its smooth functioning and contributing to its
strategic direction.


The Proctor serves as the legal advisor for the Council of Imperial Turtles, providing expert
guidance and counsel on legal matters to ensure compliance with laws and regulations. The
Proctor safeguards the organization’s interests, offers advice on contracts, agreements, and
legal documents, and plays a key role in governance, policy development, and dispute
resolution. They are responsible for maintaining the organization’s legal standing and reputation
while promoting ethical practices and upholding the highest standards of integrity.

Vice Chancellor

The Vice Chancellor plays a crucial role in supporting the High Chancellor and Pro Chancellor in
assisting in the overall management and operation of the organization. As a key member of the
leadership team, the Vice Chancellor contributes to the strategic direction, effective governance,and the achievement of the organization’s goals and objectives.

Deputy Chancellor

The Deputy Chancellor holds a senior administrative role within the Council of Imperial Turtles, responsible for executing duties assigned by the High Chancellor or Pro-Chancellor. Their primary responsibility is overseeing the chartering process for new Grand Ponds and Ponds. By ensuring adherence to policies and regulations, the Deputy Chancellor plays a vital role in expanding the organization’s network and fostering community growth.


Vice Chancellor of Finance

The Vice Chancellor of Finance is a key leadership position responsible for overseeing the
financial affairs of the organization. They play a vital role in maintaining the organization’s
financial stability, ensuring accurate record-keeping, and providing strategic financial guidance
to support decision-making processes.

Vice Chancellor of Records

The Vice Chancellor of Records plays a crucial role in ensuring accurate documentation,
efficient record-keeping, and transparent communication within the organization. They act as the
Secretary and are responsible for maintaining detailed records of meetings, decisions, and
official correspondence. The Vice Chancellor of Records collaborates with other committees and
officers to facilitate information sharing and promote transparency and accountability.

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