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Optional Officer Roles

As you fill out your Officer roles in your Pond you can update and edit your listing.
Senior Snapper (SS)
Senior Snapper (SS) assists with running the meeting in the absence of MT.
Junior Turtle
Junior Turtle (JT) assists with running the meeting in the absence of MT & SS.
Senior Conductor Turtle (SCT)
Senior Conductor Turtle (SCT) Installs new Snappers into the Order.
Junior Conductor Turtle (JCT)
Junior Conductor Turtle (JCT) assists with installations and pond activities.
Turtle Secretary (TSecy)
Turtle Secretary (TSecy) keeps the minutes of Pond meetings and records the activities.
Turtle Treasurer (TTr)
Turtle Treasurer (TTr) keeps track of the Pond monies.
Turtle Marshal (TMar)
Turtle Marshal (TMar) keeps the peace.
Turtle Warden (TW)
Turtle Warden (TW) guards the door.
Turtle Chaplain (TC)
Turtle Chaplain (TC) provides spiritual support as needed.
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