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Chris Chrzanowski

Grand Snapping Turtle




United States

Origin Story:

I was out in the woods one day when I stumbled across an ancient temple dedicated to an honored order of turtles. I was immediately intrigued and longed to learn more about this mysterious organization.

Having heard rumors of a secret initiation ritual, I decided to brave the temple and see if I could uncover more. When I arrived at the entrance, I found myself faced with four large stone turtles. On each turtle was inscribed a question that must be answered correctly in order to gain access.

But just as I was about to answer the first question, a voice from behind me said "Wrong! You don't know enough about turtle philosophy." Startled, I turned around to find an old man wearing a robe covered with turtle scales. He then proceeded to explain the deeper meaning behind the questions and what it meant to join their order.

After listening intently and responding correctly, he granted me entry into the temple where I my journey toward total consciousness.