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William 'Hawk' Bennett

Master Imperial Turtle

Texas Brush Country



United States

Origin Story:

I became a proper Turtle after learning the proper etiquette & education at Aledo Square Dancing Club in 1990. Over the years, I had been involved in initiating a Turtle here and a Turle there, UNTIL I joined and became a Texas Freemason. Since then, I have become one of the Primary Initiating Officials at the Annual Waco Gathering of Turtles during the Texas Grand Lodge Communications each year. I have been involved in bringing to the Ancient Order of Turtles over 50 new Turtles each year. Therefore, I have taken on the title of Master Imperial Turtle by rights of Initiation and Raising of Turtles to the Ancient Order of Turtles 🐢 for over 30yrs. Creation of the Texas Brush Country Pond was made in 2018.