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An International Association of Turtles of the Ancient and Honorable Order of Turtles.

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Welcome to Turtle Club Us!

Our fresh new website should be working faster for you. The directory of Turtles is now better than ever! It only took a few attempts and the investment of time and money, but I think we have a working plan now for the long term.

The ways to support our efforts are more clearly defined and we offer a lot of free benefits for Turtles get get engaged. We don’t ever want money to get in the way of being involved.

Creating your own pond and promoting it on our website is now available. We encourage others to build out ponds and procure new members as we keep this tradition of Ancient and Honorable Order of Turtles alive and well. The world needs more laughter.

Speaking of laughter, it is time for us to gather again as spring is gaining speed. We will host a virtual gathering soon and offer a few times to connect with Turtles to accommodate various time zones. Look for an email invite soon! I’m looking forward to sharing the new website and directory.

You Bet Your Sweet Ass I Am


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