Turtle club tie dye t shirt
Procuring Turtles is hard work! For some. For many of us it is pretty darn easy.

Here in Michigan it is fairly easy to strike up a conversation with a stranger. I was just in California visiting my son at Stanford and things are definitely different out there! Yet I still managed to procure some Turtles in the Aeronautics and Astronautics Department at Stanford! Just take my advice and don’t approach any strangers on the street!

So I have some escapades of another Turtle to share with you. This is from a Missouri Turtle, Trudy. Trudy has been busy procuring Turtles and she was the first person to by the crazy Tie Dye Turtle shirt I set up. The one my wife said I was crazy when I showed her! She thought it shouted. Yeah, so??

Well, Trudy rocked the shirt and shared a pic. The photographer missed her beautiful smile, darn it!

“The bartender loved my shirt. Having a blast wearing it!” Trudy

So, I asked Trudy to have another pic taken. That required another trip to her favorite bar. Success! We have a pic of Trudy!

Trudy of Missouri Turtle Club Member

Here is the quote from Trudy after her second trip to have the bartender take her pic.

“I initiated four people tonight and want pins now. Took good old Uber and so worth the extra money. They got me hammered. LMAO

Great call on using Uber there Trudy! We want to keep you safe and healthy to recruit more Turtles! Four Turtles recruited is great!

1975 Turtle Club Pin

Check out the lapel pin that Trudy has from back in 1975. It is pretty cool. Pic isn’t real clear, but I know how hard it is to get a small item to

focus. Really fun to hear about how it is going on the Turtle Club front! Keep the stories coming!

Thank you so much Trudy for sharing!



Well, to make my wife happy I set up another shirt. Check out this beach scene in the Turtle shape from our lapel pins. I set up a simple T-shirt that is at an affordable price.  The photo was taken on vacation a year or two ago. We stayed on the beach at Sea Isle City in New Jersey. The sky turned a beautiful purple one evening and we were able to capture it. If you click the picture of the t-shirt, it will take you to a page with all the different shirt colors.

That is all I have for now! We are starting to get some nice weather here in Michigan, hope you are too!

You bet your sweet ass I am!


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