My father made me a turtle when I was about 9 or 10 years old, I’m 58 now. He asked me the same four questions so we’re on your questionnaire but he said that in order to become a turtle I had to get at least one wrong. He never showed me the secret handshake but he did tell me that if anyone were to ever ask me if I was a turtle I must reply you bet your sweet ass I am or I owed them a drink. Over the years before he passed every so often he would ask me if I was a turtle in fact it was many years before he asked me the first time. Nevertheless I never forgot and I answered him correctly. Recently I saw someone with a jacket that had the turtle club on the back of it and it brought up many memories. My father passed approximately 32 years ago but the memories that came up are good ones. I wouldn’t mind getting one of those jackets if I knew where and how. Any information would be most appreciated.

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