A couple of buddies and myself were sitting at the bar in my good friend’s Jeff’s rec. room. Jeff’s dad said since we were all of drinking age he wanted to initiate us into the turtle club. The initiation took place in 1972 and I was 22 at the time. After each question, we each had to do a shot to Tequila, with salt and lemon to make it official. Needless to say, we all passed, but none drove home! Since that time I have procured literally hundreds of turtles and we created our own turtle organization. With every member made, a donation was made to the charity out of Laramie WY. My first Imperial Turtle was Stanley A Kluzura (not sure I have is last name spelled correctly). My one son is proudly carrying on the tradition and we have had one official turtle reunion party to recognize many new younger turtles who carry on the tradition. I ordered a batch of cards and will continue procuring new turtles. Thanks for your work in helping to carry on this Ancient and Honorable work.
Sincerely, Dave

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