I became a turtle in 1978 at the young age of 23. Several older guys taught me my morals by giving me the turtle test to pass. It took several tries because I was giving inappropriate answers.

I was surprised one day when I went to my dads house and walked in and ask him if he was a turtle he of course gave the appropriate answer: Which as we all know the proper response is:”you bet your sweet ass I am! I’ve be one since Korea when I was stationed in Germany!” Well that totally surprised me and my pals as you can emagen, Since then I’ve been honored to be able to make 🐢 s over the last few decades and only recently Started to recruit more I’ll be honored if you’d send me a new membership card it will carry on the tradition of that Honorable turtles as I have all the last 40 years.

Thank you very much, Bill   6/6/1978

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