Our FIrst T-Shirt Contest

I tested out some software for running contests. While I was underwhelmed by how the software worked, I was pleasantly surprised by the winner!

When I hit the button to randomly produce a winner, all I had was an email address. Pinny something or other. So I sent off an email to let the winner know.

It turns out to be a very active Turtle from Pinconning, MI, just an hour north of me!
Ken has been diligently procuring Turtles and sending me pics by email and Facebook. I have not posted them all, but you might have noticed some I’ve shared by email in the past.

So, anyway, a new Turtle Club member shirt is on the way to Ken! Thank you to all who entered the contest!

Ken’s membership number is 176, here is his link: www.TurtleClub.us/turtle/176

Congrats Ken!

Appreciate you!


Below are a few pics of Turtles that Ken has procured!

Dirty Sounding Riddles

Test Your Friends!
I'll send over 56 more "dirty sounding" riddles with clean answers.

Enjoy the story! It is on the way.

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