Are You A Turtle?

If you don’t have a clue about what I”m talking about, then you should circle back to the home page to learn about the Ancient and Honorable Order of Turtles. Click the Home button below:


Still here? Good! YBYSAIA!

I’ve been having some fun with this website and without any promotion or advertising there are Turtles arriving from all around the US to buy member cards from the site. I printed up a bunch when I needed some and stuck them up here to help other Turtles in need, as there isn’t much support out there for us Turtles!

Then I decided that I wanted a T-Shirt, so I printed a few at a local shop and the response has been fun! I get stopped and giving the password on a regular basis in my travels around town. The Christmas postcards were my next inspiration and I thought I would share. Thanks for finding your way here fellow Turtle! Let me know what you think of the Christmas and Holiday postcards!

Christmas postcard

Christmas Postcard

The post cards are printed on heavy 14 pt Card Stock with high gloss coating on the front. They drop ship directly to your door from my printer. Click the image to view pricing.

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holiday postcard

Holiday Postcard

Trust me, I’m not politically correct, but for those procrastinators out there like me this works for New Years or a general holiday season theme for those of other faiths. Same quality prints, ready to be delivered!

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If your having as much fun sharing the Turtle Club as I am, then you will enjoy this next treat! I’ve assembled 59 more riddles that “sound dirty” but have clean answers! These will stump your friends and family over the holiday celebrations. I’ll email them right over when you use the form below. 

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