We at Turtle Club US are so thankful this Memorial Day for the great men and women who have served to keep America safe. There are no words to express the appreciation for their great sacrifice.

We are also thankful for those brave souls who had the fortitude and vision to create the Ancient and Honorable Order of Turtles!

Out of the chaos and pain of war was born a drinking fraternity that persists nearly eight decades later.

Dave got inspired to create a t-shirt, especially for Memorial Day. Born of the Looney Tunes generation, Dave found some fun inspiration. The cartoon biplane was too fun to pass up!

This is the standard Gilden G200 6.1 ounce, 100% Cotton t-shirt. Save a few dollars now through June 3rd at only $12 plus shipping. Check it out with the link below, hope you like it!

Memorial Day Shirt

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