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Buy a Turtle a Pint!

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So, you’re a Turtle now?

Odds are that you made it to this page as a result of a chance meeting in a bar over a drink. You were introduced to the Turtle Club and you ended up here.

Well, welcome! Let’s continue the fun.

Here is where you can repay your Turtle sponsor by buying them a pint. A Turtle gets parched some times!  Plus, in fine Turtle fashion, we will then reciprocate with a gift!

Complete the purchase here of a virtual pint, we will set you up with a Turtle Club account and when you click Return To Merchant on the final PayPal screen you will be sent back to your own member page with your affiliate URL and graphics to help you sponsor more Turtles! Make sure you check that we have your PayPal email address set up and turn on notifications so you know when you have earned a pint!

We will mail (yes, snail mail) you a set of cards to use to recruit new members and provide you with more tools to help spread the word. It is super easy and a great way to get the conversation going over a pint!

So, get a move on and click the button already!

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