National Daiquiri Day was this last Thursday, July 19th.

Anne and Lauren of FoodStuff talked about Daiquiri’s on their podcast by How Stuff Works – FoodStuff.Towards the end of the show they talked about DTO – Daiquiri Time Out.

The DTO  philosophy seemed very Turtley, so I just had to share and create a T-Shirt to celebrate the Daiquiri. Who wants to share a drink with me?

You can learn more about DTO at


 Daiquiri Time Out

There is always time for a daiquiri. Even in the face of a catastrophic emergency, in which life or death actually depend on immediate action, there is still…. always time for a daiquiri.

Here is the T-Shirt design that I was inspired to set up. I thought the theme fit well with the Beach Dreams design, with a few tweaks.

Hope you enjoy!


DTO Ladies Wicking T-Shirt

DTO Ladies Cotton T-Shirt

DTO Men’s Wicking T-Shirt

DTO Men’s Cotton T-Shirt

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