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If you are already an official Turtle Club member, log into the Affiliate Area to find your unique URL and images to share. You should have received cards in the mail with your member number. The affiliate URL looks like this: where your member number replaces the 1.

Affiliate Area

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Turtle Club Fellowship

The Turtle Club is a fun distraction. It was created for that purpose and to build a community. People need people, and what better way to socialize than over a pint. As you gather around and ask the riddles to a new recruit it creates a bond. That bond becomes a network of Turtles that grows. There are many ponds of Turtles out there; we are glad you are here and hope you enjoy the tools we have put together to make it fun and easy to recruit Turtles.

Turtle Club Official Membership Cards

When you join our ranks by purchasing a pint, we send a stack of cards to you in the mail. On each card will be your unique membership link. When one of your recruits follows the link and buys you a pint we credit your account with a few dollars!

That new recruit will receive their own stack of cards to sponsor more Turtles and so on. We are not a MLM or ponzie scheme, just a fun way to build our community and earn Turtle dollars towards the Turtle shop. We have the cool Turtle in action logos and a few other ideas up our sleeve to be released later.

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