Who Procured You?

Over the years I have met some great people through the Turtle Club.

Most can recall what I like to call an “origin” story.

For me, it was hanging around with my dad and his friends during the mid 70’s.

He worked in the aviation industry and those characters loved to tell stories and jokes!

Do you recall who introduced you to the Ancient and Honorable Turtle Club?

Share your origin story with us, as long as you give us permission to share with the world:

Dave working up a thirst by playing ice hockey.

Turtle Club Origin Story

Masonic family member laughed when he saw a are you are turtle sticker on a car. The rest is history! What an interesting and fun journey finding out the meaning, history and just fellowship of fellow turtles.

Turtle Club Origin Story

I am proud to say I am a legacy member. My father was a proud Turtle.; he was a Staff Sergeant in WWII. When I was a teenager he told me about the International Association of Turtles, I still have his membership card. Fifty years later I am now a card-carrying Turtle.

Turtle Club Origin Story

I first became a member of the Turtle Club in 1973 at a party held by a group of airline pilots, stewardesses and just about anybody else who chose to attend near Sea-Tac airport in 1973. I had forgotten about it until 2004 when I was out to dinner with friends in Fox, Alaska (just north of Fairbanks) at the Turtle Club restaurant. I remembered all of the answers and gave the correct reply when asked if I was a Turtle and when the staff learned I had been a member for so many years the treated me as a Grand Poobah!! After finding this site I re-upped and actually found my old membership card put away in the closet! I will continue to recruit and need to order more cards!!

Turtle Club Origin Story

A fellow brother in the Masonic fraternity made me a member back in 2000. Since then I have made many members of my Freemason fraternity turtles.


Turtle Club Origin Story

I have been a member of several different Turtle organizations, but they fell apart. However, I would greatly appreciate becoming a member of your club.



Turtle Club Origin Story

I first heard of the Ancient and Honorable Order of Turtles when doing a research project for my high school astronomy class on Wally Schirra. Naturally, the fact that he was a member made its way into my presentation and the entire class had a laugh over it. Afterward, it turned out that my friend’s grandmother was also a card-holding member. I forgot about it for a few years until I was in college one evening and suddenly remembered. I went online and took the test myself and the rest is history.


Turtle Club Origin Story

I was web surfing and came across the website after doing some research. Answer the questions (in which gave me a few marks from all the head scratching) and now I am a turtle ready to build or add unto a pond.


Turtle Club Origin Story

Hello, as a MM I was looking for a pin and suddenly I saw a turtle pin with a square and compass and star to investigate about , and applied online because I don’t know bars near me, I hope someday I can share a drink with some brothers.


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