Who Procured You?

Over the years I have met some great people through the Turtle Club.

Most can recall what I like to call an “origin” story.

For me, it was hanging around with my dad and his friends during the mid 70’s.

He worked in the aviation industry and those characters loved to tell stories and jokes!

Do you recall who introduced you to the Ancient and Honorable Turtle Club?

Share your origin story with us, as long as you give us permission to share with the world:


Dave working up a thirst by playing ice hockey.

Turtle Club Origin Story

It had to be while I was in high school during the 60’s in southern California that my older brothers introduced me to The Turtle Club and the infamous password.
Yesterday, at the Celebration of Life for my brother, the “turtle” topic arose from someone’s innocent question about our pet tortoises and found it’s way to several of us discovering that we were loyal Turtle Club members back in the day!
Today I looked on line and happily found your website.


Turtle Club Origin Story

I’ve been a Turtle since the late 60’s when my father introduced us to them. I had my original card for like 20 years before losing it. My brother started to push the club again a few years ago with this site and has gotten quite a few new followers.

Mike Crabill

Turtle Club Origin Story

My dad and my uncle were Marines during WWII. My dad was also a private pilot. They inducted me and my cousin Frank into the turtles club about 45 years ago. Frank was 22 and I was 10 years old. Earlier today My cousin Frank asked me if I was still a turtle… Much to his surprise, I answered correctly…


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