It is the stories and comments that I get from Turtles like you that motivate me to make our website better and find new ways to procure new members!
I received an email that gave me chills and choked me up. 
I think you will experience the same, check it out…
From John Peace:


Thanks for assisting me with and confirming that I am now, proudly, a Turtle.  My sister, Elizabeth Peace, became a member in the mid-sixties.

At her funeral yesterday, I told the 200+ in attendance that there was only one organization that she was a member that she held in high esteem.  I explained a little of the background for this mighty fine organization dating to WWII, etc.  I told them that I was going to conduct a mass Turtle membership for all in attendance.

I had to instruct them not to answer the questions out loud because there were children present but I reminded them that Turtle members are not vulgar, etc.

The audience in attendance varied from very religious to just religious.  I asked the first question and there was a gasp that was quite audible.  I answered for them, “shake hands”.  There was a sigh of relief.  I asked the second question and this time I thought there would be a feinting frenzy.  I answered for them, “talk”.  I asked the third question and this time there was squirming in the pews.  I answered for them, “a head”.  I informed them that they were all members of Turtles International.

I instructed them about the proper response to, “Are you a Turtle?” and of the consequences, if they did not respond properly.  I then asked them, “Are you a Turtle” and the response was about five in attendance.

I reminded them that they all owe me a beverage of my choice and I gave them a second opportunity to respond.  This time the response was overwhelming, “You bet your sweet ass I am”.

I told them that I would secure membership cards for each of them so that when they viewed their Turtle membership cards that they would be reminded of ELIZABETH (BETTE) PEACE.

I asked John if was ok to share his story

No problem.  On the way to funeral, we stopped at a convenience store.  I took some Lifesavers to the front and I told the ladies that I was on the way to a funeral so I stopped to get some Lifesavers but I think I’m too late.

John (Mike) Peace

John embodies the true spirit of the Ancient and Honorable Order of Turtles. Sure life can be harsh and challenging, all the more reason to find ways to laugh and have fun.

Let’s have some fun! We are all in this together. A big thanks to John for sharing.

Just a few hours after my conversation with John I was called by Brian.

His Grandfather was just diagnosed two weeks ago with Leukemia and giving 6-8 weeks to live. His Grandfather, Anthony Caputo, is an Imperial Turtle. He walked around and procured Turtles at Brian’s wedding reception.

From Brian:

“This is a gift but also stuff for us. We want to show up in at the Hospital in full Turtle gear as we present my Granddad, a Korean War Veteran and retired Command Sergeant Major with his turtle gear. He was diagnosed two weeks ago with Leukemia and given 6-8 weeks to live.

A big thank you to John and Brian for sharing their very personal stories and showing us the way to focus on fun. Life is short, go out and procure more Turtles! You are sure to laugh and you know that laughter is the best medicine!

Turtle Dave
Your humble webmaster

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