Last August (2016) I moved into a new home that has an acre pond in the back yard, with plenty of frogs and turtles! Preparations started in 2014 when we decided to put our home of 27 years on the market. I’m self employed as the owner of a small marketing agency. I closed my office in Flint Township and moved back into the house so every spare moment could be spent getting ready for the sale.

Over the years we fixed up the back yard to optimize the space for BBQ / Bon Fire parties, our specialty. Being good social Turtles requires the right space to socialize! Affectionately named the Crab Shack, we would hang out around the grill or fire pit with friends and introduce them to the Ancient and Honorable Order of Turtles. (My last name is Crabill, and I grew up catching Blue Crabs in the Deleware Bay area, thus Crab Shack seemed appropriate and stuck.)

In May of 2016 we were ready to list, but I wasn’t satisfied with what my agent wanted to list for. So, being the marketer I am, I sold it myself for about 15% more than was suggested. That involved a website, video, listing, open houses and negotiations. The move came in August of 2016 during the hottest days of the summer. Special thanks to my son Jacob for coming home to help! (BTW Jacob is less than a year from a PHD in Aeronautics and Astronautics at Stanford U)

Our new home we share with my wife Sue’s mom, Beverly. After a lot of searching, we found a cool walk out basement with a pond in the back yard. There is a lot of potential to make this a great gathering spot. My friends are anxious to see Crab Shack 2.0!

Pictured is the pond and the back of the house. Sue and I get to enjoy a fireplace and sauna in the lower level and are working on a whiskey barrel based bar that I’ll share more about later.

Since we are on Bennett Lake Road, we decided to name our pond, Bennett Lake Pond or BLP for short. So, I’d like to welcome you to the Bennett Lake Pond Turtle Club as an honorary member!

Joining the Turtle Club is simple. Simply purchase some membership cards and start procuring members! The members your invite to the Turtle Club can buy you a virtual pint to get their cards and I’ll send you some cash for that pint! How cool is that!

There are members who have joined from 14 states around the US and growing!

Let me know if you have any questions about Turtle Club US.

You Bet Your Sweet Ass I Am!



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