I was bragging to Chuck the Printer as we printed Turtle Club US playing cards last Saturday. I brought the beer.

Sue and I (my lovely bride) discovered this fantastic beer from Mitten Brewing in Grand Rapids Michigan called Peanuts and Crackerjack. It is a robust porter made with real roasted peanuts and peanut butter from Germack Pistachio Company. Wow, really great beer.

So after we printed off the sheets of playing cards we headed to The Barn so Chuck could try the beer. Chuck is now a fan too and while we were there we made a few Turtles. Check out the pics below.

Shout out to Turtle Ken from a great cheese area, Pinconning, Michigan. If you have not had Squeaky Cheese, you are missing out! So, Ken has been busy procuring Turtles! Nice work Ken, there is hope yet!

Hope you enjoy the pics, feel free to share yours.

Mark was an easy target, we sat at the bar and made a friend out of a stranger by initiating him. Another waitress and the bartender have initiated also.

Here is Ken from Pinconning’s new Turtles! He has been very productive!

So, the good news is that on this Friday I will pick up 50 decks of Turtle Club US playing cards!
Chuck gave me a deal and we are putting them on Sale!
Normally $15 per deck, they are on sale for $12 and if you buy three or more you save 20 % off that price!

I also set up membership cards, notepads and lapel pins with special volume discounts. There are a number of growing Ponds that like to buy as a group, so here is a way to save doing that. Plus, when you order from are items in-house we pay the shipping on orders over $50! The custom t-shirts and such in the Custom Print category are drop shipped, so we don’t have a way to discount that shipping I’m afraid.

As always, go forth and procure more Turtles!


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